Gay dating show room raiders

Gay dating show room raiders

means that chicks dig guys who can demonstrate some sort of talent.

Pick up a hobby and get good at it, but don’t let it take over your life.

After the raider has finished with each of the rooms, the three contestants then inspect the raider’s room.

Finally, the raider confronts the three contestants and makes his or her choice.” The show was wrought with cliché horror music and Dutch camera angles to create faux suspense as the contestants watched their rooms get sifted through.

The raider does not meet or see any of the three single contestants [prior to inspection].

Those contestants watch and comment on their rooms getting inspected, while sitting in [what looks slightly too close to the likes of a rape] van.

The nature of the show was meant to be fun and, even in the eliminations, it was just this light, playful dating show without any real or nasty consequences.

Before he was getting his head in the game or saving lives on the beach, Zac Efron was putting his keen senses to good use by raiding rooms.

“Three men or women have their rooms inspected, or “raided” by another single man or woman.

While watching the show, it seemed as though the guys that had cleaner rooms not only translated into cleaner guys (i.e. That’s just asking for someone to check out your junk and put it all over the world Anthony Weiner- or Brett Favre-style. Besides, it’s unsafe to keep condoms in your wallet. This whole rant should go without saying, but apparently guys like Vinny, a random pre- get the date with the raider.) But for real, girls that are interested in you want to know that you are equally interested in them and not a bunch of other girls too.

better dressed and more attractive), but they also tended to be the ones that won the date with the girl. MODERN DAY EQUIVALENT: If you still want to “nonchalantly” show off, you could do something along the lines of buying bottles of Grey Goose and rare Scotches, and then filling them with off-brand stuff after you’ve finished drinking them. They don’t want to be just another girl on the side.

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