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Olga De Mar another naked instagram thot…who isn’t that famous on Instagram, but who trying to change that.

This instagram nude shoot is for Playboy, because after Playboy made the brilliant decision to not do nudity, while the rest of the world got more nude, they decided to get girls desperate for attention who are already getting naked on instagram as their big tactic to win…weird right…

I do feel for all the Vietnam vets, I mean what a shitty unnecessary war to fight some bullshit communism ideal that was no threat on America…but that was marketed as a threat.

This weekend all the instagram whores are in luxury spots, like Monaco or wherever else in bikinis…while Lily Rose Depp is hanging out with PUFFINS…the bird not the fat drug dealer who calls himself Puffins…Because she’s got nothing to prove and that must be a nice feeling in a world of everyone trying to prove themselves… So happy birthday to that…and luckily for you perverts, 19 is still young as fuck so there’s a bunch of years of great braless cuz it’s the trend / bikini pics to come…you can.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a solid excuse for being fat – for once in her life, unless she’s had other kids, which is possible, I stopped paying attention to her when her fat ass caught up to her fat tits….today…in this Instagram Erotica…she’s got some Geriatric pregnancy erotica for those of you who don’t find it unnatural for a 40 year old to have a kid – even if the chances of it having Downs Syndrom and other issues are higher…because you’ve loved Jennifer Love Hewitt tits your adult life and any excuse to see her tits, or think about her pussy being filled with cum before being shredded apart is porn to you….

I like looking at couples on Sunday walking around, getting brunch. Macy Wants His Daughters to Have Sex CLICK HERE Dog Finds a New born Deer CLICK HERE YOU LIKE HEAD….

being lazy and wondering how hard the girl got fucked that night or that morning. Like my own kind of videogame that even when I win. I like Head Shops…SHOP NOW CLICK HERE 2 Guys Attacking a Truck CLICK HERE Anthony Hopkins is my Kind of Dad CLICK HERE Mila Azul Has Some Hot Tits CLICK HERE Chimps Have a Ball Pit Adventure CLICK HERE Some Slut in a Bath Robe….

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Ashley Tisdale got herself a full fucking rebuild…or maybe it’s a social media fact filter…but I like to think it’s more some face injections, probably the same face injections Khloe Kardashian got that turned her from big potato headed monster from the woods of the Pacific North West, I guess we’d call Big Foot, to being someone who looks like a porn chick that black guys seem to like cumming inside…scientific advancements or some shit…

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    And with such an alluring promise, it’s understandable why online dating took off so quickly.

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